Abduction and Revenge

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Despite repeated requests for the money, the relative refused. A warning was finally sent to the relative, who panicked and decided to hide his family.

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Unable to locate the relative and his family, the felons decided to do the best thing — kidnap someone close to send a message. The felons, working with persons in the army and police, snatched Ria. No ransom was demanded and no one has been in contact with Ria.

Kidnapping Prank!! Crazy Revenge Prank on Brother!

The mother of two is now presumed dead as the felons will not keep her in captivity for three weeks. Ria, 34, dropped off her two young children at the Picton Presbyterian Primary School three Thursdays ago and was turning her vehicle around when she was blocked. A black X-Trail was seized by police and an ex-policeman detained three days later. Acting Police Commissioner Harold Phillip said the Police Service was utilising all its resources to have Sookdeo returned to her family. As the truth of our economic predicament sets in, readers may find it useful to look back at previous budgets since Maybe, just maybe, Victoria can be redeemed.

Not knowing where to turn, who he can trust in his own department, Jack asks Ben for help, who loses no time in telling Jack he knows everything.

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They work together, like the partners they were when the fourth season started, to find Emily and Victoria. Jack and Ben find, on the man that attacked them, a clue, left by Emily, leading them to her, with seconds to spare.

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I bitched Yeah, I like to bitch about Jack being in the police force when the season started, but right now, I have to agree it was the right choice for the character. Now that he obviously is not coming back from this, what now?


Ming Sen Shiue - Wikipedia

Victoria, in moments were only your most guttural instincts shine, cried out for Emily. What does that mean? That she forgives her? It sure felt like it.

An Investigator–s Guide to Profiling

All on his lonesome, Nolan had other fish to fry, than to try and save Emily, he had another damsel in distress. I could have done without. Am I alone on this one? Is Louise going to be part of the next generation of revengers, wanting to make her the people that wronged her to pay? Look at Daniel for example.

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Is stripping her of the money that was never hers in the first place, enough? Really what does she have to go on?


What is it will all these people wanting to make justice for themselves? Excited or not about the upcomming Margaux vs Emily?

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